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Phoenix Is Lovely

Posted by lizzybee1002 on March 23, 2008

So I am enjoying 85 degree weather for my sister’s wedding and we are loving every minute of our vacation. Today we went to the Phoenix Zoo and were not only able to feed and pet the stingrays we also go to be up close and personal with the giraffes and the spider monkey’s. More to come soon, since we are here for a week. Glad to be away from the snow of Chicago but I won’t brag.

Enjoy the updates through my flickr update on the side, but here are 2 of my favorite pictures from today!

  Giraffe  Spider Monkey Hanging Out


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Final Thoughts

Posted by lizzybee1002 on December 18, 2007

Just like the Jerry Springer show there needs to be a moment were we get to share final thoughts with the audience. I am so glad I took LIS768 because it really opened up my technology world so that I could see the changes that could be made to the average library. The idea that we could complete amazing things for very little money.

The idea of library 2.0 needs to be embraced so that libraries can stay relevant and not fall to the way-side like so many industries of the past. Libraries need to stay current so that children and adults will still use the amazing services. Wha’s the phrase, “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” isn’t that true about technology and libraries, for all the “old school” librarians that don’t want to use technology or don’t see the need for it need to embrace the technology to make more positive changes.

So as Jerry would say, “Be good to yourself and each other.” 🙂

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Posted by lizzybee1002 on December 11, 2007

You can access my roll on the left hand side of my blog and it focuses on new library 2.0 topics and what others are saying.  I also have a focus on podcasting for articles for my paper and for Apple Computers because my MAC is my newest obsession. is a useful site because I can capture random articles and sites that I may never have stumbled upon a second time after that one article. also helped me find some new blogs and keep up with the technology and social networking sites that are out there to help me refine my searches and get even more information that I already had been with my RSS Feeder.

I will most likely keep up my account after this class and go back to the articles that I saved to keep up with the trends that are out there and to reference in later classes since I am only half way through with my MLS.

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Podcasting: The new fireside chat

Posted by lizzybee1002 on December 11, 2007

Podcasting came onto the “tech” scene in 2004/05 and has been slowly growing in popularity since.  My paper went over iTunes U and other areas and technology of podcasting.  The statistics that are out there so far and if podcasting really helps libraries and connect to their communities.  A strong focus is on the academic libraries and how they are succeeding and growing quickly while the public library sector is growing slowly.

Podcasting is most popular among certain age groups (24-44) and males are either the podcasters or the listeners by almost half.  Podcasting is a fascinating topic and it will be interesting to see if this will be the new radio or if it will be the next 8 track and obsolete so fast no one misses it.

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Once you Flickr, you can’t stop!

Posted by lizzybee1002 on December 10, 2007

I have a new obsession and it’s flickr, I have now uploaded almost a hundred pictures in  what feels like record time (for me anyway) and I am slowly but surely re-naming all of my random jpg files and doing it easy with iPhoto.  iPhoto and flickr were truly made for each other. BTW, you need a MAC to have iPhoto, one more point for MAC Users, sorry PC).  Once I re-name the photos I can easily set them into collections and groups and since I can set iPhoto up with Events or Albums the process is almost done prior to my loading onto flickr.

I will also be using flickr in the future because my sister is getting married in March in Arizona and a lot of our family and her soon to be hubby’s family can’t make the trip to Arizona so they can now have a play-by-play of the wedding festivities every time they go online and pull up my flickr profile.  I can’t wait to have everyone be at the wedding, pretty much live, without even leaving their living room.

I have shown my sister and my mom what I can do with flickr and they are both amazed and excited that my grandma and elderly aunt can join in on the wedding fun since they can’t get out to Arizona.  Now all I have to do is teach them both how to do it…that might be a bit trying… 😉

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Posted by lizzybee1002 on December 3, 2007

I’ve been using facebook for about a month and have been adding to it slowly but surely.  I find it amazing that you can find just about anyone, my childhood friend found me and boy was that a blast from the past.  Using facebook to connect and network with old friends is great but what about libraries, how can they use social networks like facebook or MySpace make a difference or connect to their readers.  While searching the “network” feature I found about 7 libraries on facebook but unfortunately you need an appropriate email address to access the network, needless to say that the networks did not have a lot of users.  The London Public Library only had 60 members. It seems that the libraries were using facebook for work purposes and not for connecting purposes.

Both the OCLC and the Library of Congress have networks but again they are not accessible to the public.  I wonder if the average libraries, OCLC or LC open up to the public it would encourage average users to access the networks and instantly post comments and questions and the libraries can easily respond in kind on the “wall” or by sending private messages.  It seems to be a good way to connect to the users without them going to main websites and/or hunting down answers and they could link into the main websites.

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Library as Place Presentation

Posted by lizzybee1002 on November 28, 2007

Hi Everyone! Attached is the PowerPoint from the Library as Place presentation group from LIS768 group project. The presentation brings together all of the talking points and our brainstorm on the wiki page. Also you can find the youtube video by Chris and Nicole and also the link to our flickr group. Happy searching and exploring because we had so much fun setting up this presentation!

Library as Place Presentation

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Check it out from iLibrarian!

Posted by lizzybee1002 on November 14, 2007

Has anyone seen this from iLibrarian? It’s a 3 part series of add-ons etc for librarians that use firefox. OMG it’s awesome since there are thousands of add-ons from firefox this sorts it all out! Check it out. 🙂

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WGA Strike

Posted by lizzybee1002 on November 7, 2007

Since the WGA Strike is playing havoc with my life I have to post at least one of their videos.  I hope the strike ends soon and the writers get what they deserve because they are the true heroes to the shows and movies out there!  

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Posted by lizzybee1002 on November 7, 2007

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