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Once you Flickr, you can’t stop!

Posted by lizzybee1002 on December 10, 2007

I have a new obsession and it’s flickr, I have now uploaded almost a hundred pictures in  what feels like record time (for me anyway) and I am slowly but surely re-naming all of my random jpg files and doing it easy with iPhoto.  iPhoto and flickr were truly made for each other. BTW, you need a MAC to have iPhoto, one more point for MAC Users, sorry PC).  Once I re-name the photos I can easily set them into collections and groups and since I can set iPhoto up with Events or Albums the process is almost done prior to my loading onto flickr.

I will also be using flickr in the future because my sister is getting married in March in Arizona and a lot of our family and her soon to be hubby’s family can’t make the trip to Arizona so they can now have a play-by-play of the wedding festivities every time they go online and pull up my flickr profile.  I can’t wait to have everyone be at the wedding, pretty much live, without even leaving their living room.

I have shown my sister and my mom what I can do with flickr and they are both amazed and excited that my grandma and elderly aunt can join in on the wedding fun since they can’t get out to Arizona.  Now all I have to do is teach them both how to do it…that might be a bit trying… 😉


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