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No More Lonely Gaming

Posted by lizzybee1002 on October 30, 2007

For many years gaming was considered a single player world but in the late nineties the world of gaming suddenly burst into the multi-player world. With the expansion of the Internet and the creation of games that allowed multi-player interaction many of the gamers call them MMORPG (Mass Multi-player online role playing game). In class last Wednesday we created an environment of multi playing multi using and multi sharing in class. The class played and learned DDR, Guitar Hero, shared gaming via the PSP and the Nintendo DS. Others played Second Life and other online games, and though the games may have been different for the users the interaction between the users and the observers where the same. Teaching and sharing were big parts of the gaming last Wednesday, along with sharing of ideas of how to play or move forward in the games.

For Libraries the themes of sharing and teaching are important and the use of technology help makes the library stay relevant in the changing world. Getting kids and adults into the library with gaming can cross the generations and since there are so many gamers out there the need for librarians to be open minded to the notion that gaming is an effective tool to learning and fun can help the library stay relevant.


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