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Journey Through Facebook and LibraryThing

Posted by lizzybee1002 on October 23, 2007

My Facebook is as bland as vanilla for now, but soon will be a personal page to behold.  Not really, personally I’m not a fan of posting my life online through myspace or facebook, I think I have a fear of all the crazies from high school or college hunting me down.  Seriously…but technically it is an easy to use site and you can upload and personalize in about 10 minutes.  I joined a few networks and maybe give it a shot later but for right now I think I’ll do some lurking and see where that takes me.

LibraryThing (my profile) is easy to use and I love using the ISBN to search for the book, it took me 2 minutes to add my 10 books and since I have a ton of books this will be really helpful if I choose to really deleve into this site.  I like the way I can organize and tag my books and from the books I grabbed off my shelf I have a tendency to be eclectic in my reading tastes. I think I am going to keep adding titles and try to make this the site I go to in case I think I bought something already because most of the time I have and wind up with 2 copies of the same book. The best thing is that I can catalog my comics too!

I am a fan of flixster, which is a social networking site for movies and I love watching and rating movies so I had to sign up for this site. You can find me at


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