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I am Up and Away!

Posted by lizzybee1002 on September 12, 2007

Hi Everyone! My name is Liz (LizzyBee: when I was young, hence the title of the blog.)
I am really excited about taking LIS 768 and really want to use the experiences from this class to make myself more marketable for a “real” job in the “real” world.
I have a love of a variety of things and to name a few, video games, comic books, TV (The Office, Heroes, Lost, to name a few). Of course, I have a love for books and technology, I picked up a MAC, not to long ago, and though I do love the classic PC, I think I am converting to the MAC! 😉


One Response to “I am Up and Away!”

  1. ruth said

    Macs ROCK! I switched a little over a year ago. I often find myself wondering how I ever lived with a Windows machine for so long.

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